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Narratives For Qlik

Visualizations Will Never Be the Same

Narratives for Qlik® is an extension for Qlik Sense® that automatically delivers rich narratives that explain the insights in your visualizations, so you can make better, faster decisions.

Transform Visualizations into Language

Automatically surface relationships not obvious in visualizations alone and deliver insights in easy-to-consume natural language.


Engage in Smart, Interactive Discovery

Automate descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analysis and dynamically respond with real-time insights as you interact with your visualizations.




Personalize Your Narratives

Choose your preferred word choice and narrative format, set your level of detail with a verbosity slider, and identify the metrics you want to focus on.
Narratives for Qlik Is:

  • Intelligent: Reduce the lengthy hypothesis phase by immediately understanding what is most interesting and important.
  • Intuitive: Receive easy-to-understand explanations about the drivers impacting your business through a narrative companion that guides you through the discovery process.
  • Insightful: Accelerate time to deeper insight with dynamic explanations fueled by advanced analytics.


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Narratives for Qlik is for everyone

From business users who need to interpret complex visuals to experts seeking a better starting point to jumpstart their analysis.
Narratives for Qlik:

Provides Data Scientists with instant access to useful insights so that they can focus on high value analysis.

Gives Business Analysts a companion analyst to help them dig deeper, faster and do true data discovery.

Teaches Business Users best practices in data literacy to better understand and interpret data visualizations.


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