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Make smarter business decisions.

Get trusted, affordable, ready-to-use data from external sources, whenever you need it. The Qlik DataMarket helps you find, connect and manage data from external sources.

Get the full picture

Augment and cross-reference your internal data with external sources to add greater context. Look at data from a variety of sources to get a full understanding of your business.

  • Spot trends, opportunities and challenges
  • Enrich your context to see the full picture
  • Connect the pieces with external data
  • Gain new perspective


Complete data service

We offer a massive variety of data curated into data packages from many of the most-consulted global data sources. Packages range from free to specialty topics — all of which are continuously updated with the most recent data.

  • Access a massive variety of data
  • Get data you can trust
  • Never question if you have up-to-date information


Effortless data acquisition

Fully integrated external data access that merges seamlessly with internal data. Connect multiple data sets with your existing data from one place, in one format.

  • Spend less time connecting data and more time understanding it
  • Quickly search and pull normalized data from different external sources in a centralized location
  • Make confident analyses


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